Dorrance Township Volunteer Fire Department took delivery of their 2000 Pierce Heavy Rescue last night. Originally owned by the Kutztown Fire Company No.1, Dorrance purchased the truck earlier this year and contacted Fire Line Equipment about refurbishing the rescue. The entire project took approximately four months to complete and included a complete re-paint, new Whelen LED warning light package, new Whelen LED scene lighting, LED DOT lighting and Britax Stalk lighting, new Federal Q2B siren, Amkus rescue tool pump, CMW hydraulic reels and new striping & lettering.

We also had the pleasure of advertising and selling Dorrance’s 1992 International Heavy Rescue. Thank you for your business and we hope you enjoy the new rescue truck!

Sold by Mike Jamison of Fire Line Equipment – Contact Mike at 717-354-8106 for a refurbishment quote today!