2022 E-ONE Typhoon Rescue Pumper

Thank you and congratulations to Bendersville Community Fire Department (Adams County, PA) on the purchase of your 2022 E-ONE Typhoon Rescue Pumper!




The early written history of the Bendersville Community Fire Company dates back to July 8, 1914. “The undersigned members of the above named company (Union Fire Company) hereby declare that said company is formed for the purpose of public service as an Engine, Hose, and Hook and Ladder Company within the Borough of Bendersville, PA.” The elected positions consisted of: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chief and two Assistant Chiefs. Appointed officers were: four Nozzlemen, four Pipemen, two Axemen, two Assistant Axemen, two Linemen, four Laddermen, Fire Marshall and Assistant Fire Marshall.

In the first 95 years, personnel and equipment have endured changes. The Company has been very fortunate to have many members and non-members who have dedicated countless hours and years toward the goal of providing for and improving fire safety.