Congratulations and thank you to Clayton Fire Company NO.1 Inc. and Wyomissing Borough, PA for your business!

Tower 45 Officially In Service

From the Clayton Fire Company Facebook page: After two months of preparation the officers and members are excited to announce that as of 18:00 hrs this evening, Tower 45 is officially in service. Over the past month the membership has spent close to 480 hours training on the operation of the Aerialscope. The tower is a 2013 Seagrave 95’ Aerialscope that was purchased from the Borough of Wyomissing, PA. in May. Since May work has been completed to make the rig ours. The officers and members would like to thank everyone who has helped along the way to get us to this point. Bob Bainbridge of Fire Line Equipment who was the broker of the truck, Jay Abel of The Fire Store and Don Moorhead of Atlantic Emergency Solutions for assisting with equipping the rig, Patriot Fire USA for body work and installation of lighting on the body, Hamm Parlett for lettering the apparatus, and lastly Bam’s Hook and Hose for the equipment mounting. Tonight also marks the five month anniversary of the accident that took Chief Pridemore from us. When the Chief first took office in 2021, it was a goal of his to upgrade our aerial device.