Thank you to Brecknock Township Volunteer Fire Department

Ccongratulations to Jessieville Vol Fire

Brecknock Twp VFD advertised with Fire Line Equipment to sell their 2000 Freightliner FL80 Pierce Top Mount Pumper. On February 9, 2021Jessieville Fire Department placed an offer that was accepted by Brecknock Twp VFD. On Tuesday April 27th the truck was shipped to Jessieville Fire Department

Thank you to Brecknock Twp VFD and Jessieville Fire Department for the opportunity to work with both departments on this project!

About Brecknock Township Fire Company

– On March 9th 1953, a group of Brecknock Citizens met at Furlow’s Hotel for the purpose of forming a local fire company and temporary officers were appointed at this time.

– April 13th 1953, a 2nd meeting was held and Lawrence Law was elected as the first Fire Chief of the Brecknock Township Fire Company. Also at this meeting the first fire truck was purchased from Fritztown Fire Company, an American LaFrance, for $5.00. The Fire Truck was to be stored in a local garage owned by Merritt Gebhart until a building could be erected.

– December 7th 1953, the charter was read and approved.

– 1955, a tract of land was purchased from Abraham Zeigler for $150.00 per acre. A 30’x50′ building was erected on that property with 2 engine bays. (This is the current location of the station)

– 1955, a 1941 Seagrave was purchased from the Gouglersville Fire Company

– November 1955, entered the Berks County Zone 4 Fire District

– February 1956, First meeting held at the new fire company and a new Fire Chief was elected; Merritt Gebhart

– 1958, Land purchased from Fred Schmura and John Adams for future use of another fire station

– 1959, Brecknock Township Fire Company’s Ladies Auxiliary chartered

– 1962, a 30’x80′ social hall was built onto the existing engine room. Also, a 1962 GMC Brush Truck was purchased.

– 1967, Stewart Meck elected Fire Chief

– 1968, GMC Tanker bought and Charles Eager elected Fire Chief

– 1971, Allen Guigley elected Fire Chief

– 1973, Ford FMC Engine bought with a 750GPM pump and 1000 gallon water tank; Charles Eager again elected Fire Chief

– 1974, Engine room increased in size to 40’x50′ to allow the addition of a 3rd engine bay

– 1978, Norman Ebersole elected Fire Chief

– 1983, Renovations made to engine room to allow new engine to fit, capacity now 4 engine bays

– 1984, Ford FMC Engine bought with a 1000GPM pump and 1000 gallon water tank

– 1988, Walt Summers elected Fire Chief

– 1990, Purchased a 1978 Tanker with a 500gpm pump and 3,000 Gallon Tank from Gouglersville Fire Company

– 1994, Kevin Swavely elected Fire Chief

– 1995, E-One Freightliner Rescue Truck bought from Glick Fire Equipment

– 2000, Pierce Freightliner Engine bought from Glick Fire Equipment

– 2005, Brad Mowrer elected Fire Chief

– 2007, Engine room enlarged with the addition of 2 additional bays bringing capacity to 5 engine bays

– 2008, E-One Freightliner Tanker purchased from Guardian Fire Apparatus

– 2009, Ford Brush Truck bought from Reading Equipment

– 2010, Addition made to social quarters which including larger bathrooms, shower room and additional storage garage

– 2011, Jason Lutz elected Fire Chief

– 2012, Social Quarters air conditioned to allow for summer hall rentals

– June 2013, Ford Utility Truck purchased from 10-8 Emergency Vehicles

– October 2016, KME Custom Rescue Engine purchased ($650,000) and 1995 Rescue Truck sold to Phillipsburg Emergency Squad in Phillipsburg, NJ

– June 2017, ATV72 (2017 John Deere Gator) placed into service with PEMA Grant ($16,000) from Little’s of Downingtown, ATV72 had custom skid unit built by Wildbear Fire with Wally Hines Fundraiser Monies ($9,500) and company bought an enclosed 18′ trailer ($4,500) from MGS to transport the unit.

– June 2018, Used 2007 Ford Expedition Command Vehicle bought from Westwood Fire Company for $7500 and placed into service as Duty Officer vehicle.