Thank you to Rothsville Fire/Ambulance Company 24

Congratulations to Parrott’s Chapel Community Fire Department

Rothsville Fire advertised with Fire Line Equipment to sell their 1994 Pierce DashTop Mount Pumper. On Thursday April 15th Parrot’s Chapel did a virtual tour of the truck and on Friday April 16th placed an offer that was accepted by Rothsville Fire. On Friday April 30th members from Parrot’s Chapel picked up the truck and began the journey back to Parrot’s Chapel.

Thank you to Rothsville Fire and Parrot’s Chapel Fire for the opportunity to work with both departments on this project!

Rothsville Fire/Ambulance Company 24 – Volunteer Fire/Ambulance Company for Rothsville, PA and surrounding communities of Warwick Township, Akron, West Earl, Lititz, Ephrata, and more.

Parrott’s Chapel Community Fire Department – Your local volunteer fire department. Serving the Parrotts Chapel and Fair Garden Community.