York County FD Orders New E-ONE Typhoon Rescue Pumper

Craley Fire Department in York County, Pennsylvania, orders a new E-ONE Typhoon Rescue Engine. This state-of-the-art rescue pumper will significantly enhance the department’s capabilities, allowing them to serve the community more effectively and efficiently.

The new E-ONE Typhoon Rescue Engine boasts a number of impressive features that will benefit both the firefighters and the residents of York County:

  • Typhoon Cab w/ seating for 6: This spacious and comfortable cab provides ample room for the crew, ensuring efficient and safe transportation to and from emergency scenes.
  • Cummins X12 525hp engine: The powerful and reliable engine guarantees rapid response times and excellent performance during emergency operations.
  • Allison 4500 transmission: A trusted and smooth transmission system that enhances overall vehicle handling and control.
  • Hale Q-Max 1500gpm pump: This high-capacity pump enables the crew to effectively fight fires, providing a steady and powerful water supply.
  • 780gal. tank: The sizable water tank allows for extended firefighting operations before needing to refill.
  • Hose lines and reel: The various hose lines and booster reel provide versatility and quick access to water supply for various firefighting situations.
  • Pre-connected hydraulic rescue tools and battery-powered tools: The comprehensive set of hydraulic and battery-powered rescue tools ensures that the Craley Fire Department is well-equipped to handle a range of emergency scenarios.

The addition of the E-ONE Typhoon Rescue Engine to the Craley Fire Department’s fleet represents a significant investment in public safety for York County. The community can rest assured that their dedicated firefighters will be better equipped than ever to respond to emergencies and protect lives and property.

We congratulate the Craley Fire Department on their commitment to continuous improvement and express our gratitude for their unwavering service to the residents of York County, PA. We look forward to seeing the new E-ONE Typhoon Rescue Engine in action, serving our community with pride and distinction.

E-ONE Typhoon Rescue Pumper Design: 

The E-ONE Typhoon Rescue Pumper is a versatile and reliable firefighting apparatus designed to cater to the unique requirements of fire departments and rescue teams. When comparing the E-ONE Typhoon to its competitors, several key benefits stand out:

  1. Customizable design: The E-ONE Typhoon can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a fire department or rescue team, with options for various cab configurations, body materials, and storage options. This allows departments to choose the best combination of features to suit their individual requirements.
  2. Durability and longevity: E-ONE is known for producing vehicles with strong, corrosion-resistant materials, such as stainless steel and aluminum. This ensures the long-lasting performance of the apparatus and reduced maintenance costs, ultimately providing better value for money.
  3. Enhanced safety features: The Typhoon Rescue Pumper is equipped with advanced safety systems, including the E-ONE’s Advanced Stability Control system, which helps prevent rollovers and skids. This is an important consideration for departments when selecting a vehicle, as it enhances crew safety during emergency response situations.
  4. High-performance firefighting capabilities: The Typhoon Rescue Pumper offers powerful fire suppression capabilities, with various pump options available to meet the specific needs of each department. Additionally, the vehicle can be equipped with a compressed air foam system (CAFS), which enhances firefighting efficiency by providing better penetration and coverage.
  5. Spacious and ergonomic cab: The Typhoon’s cab provides ample space for crew members, ensuring comfortable seating and easy access to equipment. The ergonomic design prioritizes the crew’s safety and convenience, which helps reduce fatigue during long shifts and enables efficient operations.
  6. Streamlined rescue operations: The E-ONE Typhoon’s design integrates rescue and firefighting capabilities, reducing the need for multiple vehicles at a scene. This saves valuable time during emergency situations and allows for better coordination among team members.
  7. Factory-direct support: E-ONE provides comprehensive factory-direct support for its products, ensuring that customers receive timely and efficient service. This level of support can give fire departments peace of mind, knowing that they have a reliable partner to address any issues that may arise.

Get to know your local E-ONE Authorized Dealer and what they have to offer.

Factory-authorized E-ONE dealers play a crucial role in delivering and maintaining E-ONE firefighting and rescue vehicles to fire departments and emergency services organizations. These dealers are carefully selected and trained by E-ONE to provide comprehensive sales and support services to customers. They offer several benefits to fire departments and emergency service organizations:

  1. Localized support: Authorized E-ONE dealers are strategically located to offer support and assistance to customers in their respective regions. This allows for quicker response times, better understanding of local requirements, and tailored solutions for the specific needs of each department.
  2. Expertise and knowledge: E-ONE dealers undergo extensive training to gain in-depth knowledge of E-ONE’s products, features, and technologies. This expertise enables them to guide fire departments and emergency service organizations in selecting the right apparatus and configuration based on their unique requirements.
  3. Maintenance and service: Authorized dealers provide ongoing maintenance, repair, and support services for E-ONE vehicles. This ensures the apparatus remains in optimal condition, and any issues are addressed promptly, reducing downtime and ensuring efficient operations.
  4. Genuine parts and accessories: E-ONE dealers provide access to genuine E-ONE parts and accessories, ensuring the quality, performance, and reliability of the apparatus are maintained throughout its service life. This also helps in preserving the warranty and resale value of the vehicle.
  5. Financing options: Factory-authorized dealers may offer various financing options, such as leasing or installment plans, to help departments acquire the necessary apparatus without placing undue financial strain on their budgets.
  6. Training and education: E-ONE dealers can provide training and education services to fire departments and emergency service organizations, helping them make the best use of their E-ONE apparatus and equipment. This may include training on vehicle operation, maintenance, and the use of specialized features, such as compressed air foam systems (CAFS).
  7. After-sales support: Authorized dealers are committed to providing exceptional after-sales support, including warranty services and technical assistance, ensuring that fire departments and emergency service organizations can rely on their E-ONE apparatus for years to come.

By partnering with factory-authorized E-ONE dealers, fire departments and emergency service organizations can be confident that they are receiving the highest quality products and support, tailored to their specific needs and requirements.