Heritage Volunteer Fire Co #1

The Heritage Volunteer Fire Co #1 and the Borough of Lewistown have recently signed a contract to purchase an E-ONE Cyclone CR100 Ladder Truck from Fire Line Equipment, the Central Pennsylvania and Western NY E-ONE dealer. This state-of-the-art fire truck boasts an array of impressive features designed to enhance safety and efficiency for firefighters and the community they serve.

Key features of the E-ONE Cyclone CR100 Ladder Truck include:

  1. Cyclone Long Cab with Flat Roof: The spacious cab provides ample room for firefighters and their equipment, while the flat roof design allows for easy access to overhead compartments and storage.
  2. Cummins X15 605HP Engine with Jake Brake: This powerful engine offers high performance and reliability, while the Jake Brake system provides added safety by helping to slow down the truck without using the service brakes.
  3. Hale QFLO 1250 GPM Pump: This high-capacity pump can deliver up to 1,250 gallons per minute, ensuring rapid water delivery for firefighting operations.
  4. 300-Gallon Water Tank: The truck’s onboard water tank can hold up to 300 gallons, allowing for quick water deployment when a hydrant is not readily accessible.
  5. 3/16” Extruded Aluminum Body with Tunnel & Side Stack Ladders: The truck’s durable aluminum body features tunnel and side stack ladder storage for a total of 237 feet of ground ladders.
  6. CR100 Ladder: The 100-foot ladder has a tip load capacity of 750 lbs when dry and 500 lbs when wet, as well as a 75 lb equipment load capacity.
  7. Underslung Jacks with 13’8″ Overall Jack Spread: The ladder truck is equipped with underslung jacks, providing a stable base during ladder operations. The overall jack spread of 13 feet and 8 inches ensures a secure and balanced setup.
  8. Short Jack Capable: The truck can be stabilized using a reduced jack spread, allowing for operation in confined spaces where full jack deployment may not be possible.
  9. Whelen Warning Light Package: The truck features a comprehensive Whelen warning light package to ensure high visibility and safety during emergency response.
  10. FireTech HiViz Scene Light Package: The FireTech HiViz Scene Light Package enhances visibility at the scene, making it easier for firefighters to work safely and efficiently in low-light conditions.

With these features, the Heritage Volunteer Fire Co #1 and the Borough of Lewistown have made a significant investment in their firefighting capabilities, helping to ensure the safety and well-being of their community.

Exploring the Features of an E-ONE Cyclone CR100 Ladder Truck

The E-ONE Cyclone CR100 Ladder Truck is a state-of-the-art apparatus designed to handle various types of firefighting and rescue operations. As a product of E-ONE, a leading manufacturer of fire trucks and emergency vehicles, the CR100 Ladder Truck boasts innovative features and advanced technology that make it an essential tool for fire departments worldwide. This article will discuss some of the standout features of the E-ONE Cyclone CR100 Ladder Truck that enable firefighters to perform their duties efficiently and safely.

  1. Rugged Chassis Construction

The E-ONE Cyclone CR100 Ladder Truck is built on a robust and reliable chassis designed to withstand the rigors of firefighting operations. It features a corrosion-resistant, extruded aluminum construction, which is lightweight yet strong, allowing the truck to carry heavy equipment without compromising on maneuverability or performance.

  1. Powerful Drivetrain

Equipped with a powerful diesel engine and an Allison automatic transmission, the CR100 Ladder Truck offers impressive acceleration and towing capabilities, ensuring that it can quickly reach the scene of an emergency. Additionally, the drivetrain is designed to provide optimal power distribution and efficiency during challenging firefighting operations.

  1. Advanced Aerial Device

One of the most notable features of the E-ONE Cyclone CR100 Ladder Truck is its 100-foot extruded aluminum aerial ladder. This ladder is capable of reaching high elevations and offers a 2.5 to 1 structural safety factor, ensuring that it can safely support firefighters and their equipment during rescue operations. The aerial device also features a pre-piped waterway, allowing firefighters to deliver water directly to elevated locations.

  1. Enhanced Maneuverability

The CR100 Ladder Truck is designed with a tight turning radius and responsive steering system, making it easier to navigate through narrow streets and congested urban areas. This enhanced maneuverability allows firefighters to position the truck more effectively at the scene of an emergency, ultimately improving response times and operational efficiency.

  1. Comprehensive Firefighting Equipment Storage

The E-ONE Cyclone CR100 Ladder Truck offers ample storage for a wide range of firefighting equipment and tools. The apparatus features full-height and full-depth compartments, allowing firefighters to store everything from hoses and nozzles to self-contained breathing apparatuses and personal protective equipment. The compartments are also designed with easy access in mind, ensuring that firefighters can quickly retrieve the tools they need during an emergency.

  1. Advanced Safety Features

Safety is paramount in firefighting operations, and the E-ONE Cyclone CR100 Ladder Truck is designed with numerous safety features to protect both firefighters and civilians. Some of these features include reflective striping for increased visibility, an advanced braking system for improved stopping power, and a rollover protection system to safeguard occupants in the event of an accident.

  1. Customizable Design

The E-ONE Cyclone CR100 Ladder Truck can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual fire departments. From pump options and water tank capacities to seating configurations and communication systems, E-ONE works closely with customers to develop a truck that meets their unique requirements.