The new E-ONE Metro 100 Quint is the latest addition to Sarasota County’s fleet, demonstrating their confidence in E-ONE as a buyer of the first unit. E-ONE is featuring a sneak peak of the Metro 100 Quint at the FDIC International 2017 in Indianapolis, IN, April 27-29th, 2017.

The Metro 100 Quint features include:

  • 100′ ladder on a single rear axle
  • Compact design with a 235” wheelbase that provides great maneuverability
  • Choice of LTH 100, HM 100 or 110′ aerial device, each featuring a 2.5:1 structural safety factor, which is a 25% increase over NFPA industry standards.
  • Advanced Aerial Control System (AACS) or direct hydraulic controls
  • Integral torque box chassis constructed with formed high strength steel
  • Crisscross under-slung jacks with only 11′ spread
  • 24K Dana front beam axle with taper leaf springs
  • 35K Dana rear axle with Link Atlas air suspension
  • Cyclone® 3/16” extruded aluminum cab with roll cage construction
  • Extruded aluminum body with SideStackerTM hosebed, full depth compartments and raised rear body perimeter for improved departure angle
  • Up to 2,000 GPM pump
  • 300 or 500 gallon water tank
  • 156′ of ground ladders


Additional features that are specific to the Sarasota County Fire Department include:

  • Cummins® ISX12 500 HP with Allison® EVS4000 transmission
  • Severe duty front bumper with two hydraulic reels and tray for hydraulic rescue tools
  • Split raised roof
  • Severe duty interior
  • 300 gallon water tank
  • Three pre-connected handlines over pump
  • Storage for (8) SCBA bottles in wheelwell
  • 8KW Harrison® hydraulic generator with IHTTM
  • Genesis® PTO / hydraulic driven Mach® III hydraulic rescue tool system
  • HM100 aerial with waterway to 80’ and wireless controls for the monitor
  • AACS with ladder tip controls


“Departments that operate in congested areas will find great value in the new Metro 100 single axle Quint,” says E-ONE Product Manager, Joe Hedges, “Its compact size gives them the ease of maneuverability while providing a 100’ aerial, pump, tank, hosebed and generous ladder complement. As an added bonus the narrow jack spread of only 11′ allows the unit to set up in limited space.”


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