Fire Line Equipment, a leading fire apparatus dealer and service provider based in New Holland, Pennsylvania, is announcing the arrival of a stock E-ONE Typhoon Pumper. This high-quality fire apparatus is now available for immediate delivery to fire departments and emergency service providers in need of a reliable and efficient firefighting solution.

The E-ONE Typhoon Pumper is a popular choice among fire departments due to its advanced features, durability, and performance. Some of the key features of this stock E-ONE Typhoon Pumper include:

  1. Custom E-ONE Typhoon cab and chassis: Designed for safety, comfort, and ease of access, the Typhoon cab offers excellent visibility and ergonomics for firefighters.
  2. Powerful engine: The E-ONE Typhoon Pumper comes equipped with a powerful and reliable engine, providing ample performance and efficiency for firefighting operations.
  3. High-capacity pump: This apparatus features a high-capacity Hale, Waterous, or Darley pump capable of delivering up to 1,500 gallons-per-minute (GPM) or more, depending on the specific configuration.
  4. Integral water tank: The E-ONE Typhoon Pumper includes an integral water tank with a capacity of 500-1,000 gallons, ensuring a sufficient water supply during firefighting operations.
  5. Ergonomic hose bed and storage compartments: The apparatus features easily accessible and well-organized hose beds and storage compartments, allowing for quick deployment of hoses and equipment during emergencies.
  6. LED scene lighting and emergency warning systems: The E-ONE Typhoon Pumper comes with modern LED scene lighting and emergency warning systems, ensuring high visibility and safety during emergency operations.
  7. Advanced safety features: The apparatus is equipped with advanced safety features, such as rollover protection, frontal impact protection, and a backup camera, to help protect firefighters and ensure safe responses to emergencies.

Fire departments and emergency service providers interested in the stock E-ONE Typhoon Pumper can contact Fire Line Equipment to learn more about its specifications, pricing, and financing options. By offering high-quality fire apparatus like the E-ONE Typhoon Pumper, Fire Line Equipment continues to support the firefighting community in Pennsylvania and Western New York and can help ensure the safety and well-being of the communities they serve.