Congratulations to North Lakes Fire & Rescue

Thank you to East End Fire Co 2 and congratulations to North Lakes Fire & Rescue. East End Fire Company #2 advertised with Fire Line Equipment to sell their 2000 Freightliner FL70 KME Pumper. On March 22nd members from North Lakes Fire & Rescue held virtual inspect of the truck, following that inspection North Lakes Fire & Rescue placed an offer that was accepted by East End Fire Company #2. On Friday March 26th North Lakes Fire & Rescue traveled to East End Fire Company #2 to take delivery of the truck.

Thank you to East End Fire Company #2 and North Lakes Fire & Rescue for the opportunity to work with both departments on this project.

About North Lakes Fire & Rescue

It is the mission of North Lakes Fire & Rescue to protect life, environment and property from the effects of fire through Fire Control, Fire Prevention & Education Programs. We will mitigate the effects of Hazardous Materials Incidents by maintaining an Awareness Level response capability.

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  1. If your a techie kind of person , have an Iphone or Android phone, Ipad or a tablet with a camera or your computer; you may want to use the “Electronic Advertising Form. Simply open the link, upload your photos, complete the information sections and hit the SUBMIT. Done deal…….
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📢 A side note: Bob is a real person, emergency vehicle guru, long time firefighter and now a Fire Chief. Bob aka Better Call Bob is a full time Fire Line Equipment employee that just enjoys life, people and of course, buying and selling used fire trucks and emergency vehicles.

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