Congratulations to Eldredsville Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. on taking delivery of their ambulance remount, completed by Crossroads Ambulance Sales and Service in collaboration with dealer Fire Line Equipment. This project demonstrates the fire company’s commitment to providing the best possible emergency medical services to their community.

The ambulance remount involved taking the existing patient compartment from the previous ambulance and mounting it onto a new chassis. This cost-effective solution allows Eldredsville Volunteer Fire Company to maintain a reliable and updated emergency vehicle while making efficient use of their existing resources.

Key features of the remounted ambulance may include:

  1. A new, reliable chassis designed for safety, comfort, and accessibility, providing a solid foundation for the patient compartment.
  2. An updated and efficient powertrain, ensuring improved performance, fuel efficiency, and longevity.
  3. The existing patient compartment, which has been refurbished, inspected, and updated as needed to ensure it meets current safety standards and operational requirements.
  4. Modern LED lighting and emergency warning systems, enhancing visibility and safety during emergency operations.
  5. Ergonomic and easily accessible storage compartments for medical equipment and supplies, allowing for efficient use during patient care.
  6. Advanced safety features, such as rollover protection, frontal impact protection, and a backup camera, ensuring a safer response to emergencies.

The remounted ambulance will serve as a valuable addition to Eldredsville Volunteer Fire Company’s fleet and represents a significant step forward in their ongoing mission to protect and serve their community. This vehicle will enable them to more effectively respond to medical emergencies, ensuring the safety and well-being of residents in Eldredsville and the surrounding areas.

Once again, congratulations to Eldredsville Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. on their new ambulance remount, and thank you to Crossroads Ambulance Sales and Service for their commitment to delivering high-quality apparatus and services to emergency service providers.