Fire Line Equipment is happy to announce that we will be continuing to sponsor the #13 Mirco Midget Sprint Car driven by Adam Minzer. The 2016 racing schedule includes Shellhammers Speedway, Lanco speedway, Clinton County Speedway, Pathvalley Speedway, Lindas Speedway, Rockfish Speedway, reading Fairgrounds & Airport Speedway. Come on out and support a great family sport! So come on out and cheer for this USMC Veteran driving the #13!

2016 Racing Schedule

March 30: Shellhammers Speedway

April 6: Shellhammers Speedway

April 13: Shellhammers Speedway

April 20: Shellhammers Speedway

April 23: Lanco Speedway

April 27: Shellhammers Speedway

May 4: Shellhammers Speedway

May 13: Clinton County Speedway

May 14: Pathvalley Speedway

May 21: Lanco Speedway

June 10: Lindas Speedway

June 11: Lanco Speedway

June 18: Lanco Speedway

June 29: Shellhammers Speedway

July 8: Lindas Speedway

July 9: Lanco Speedway

July 16: Lanco Speedway

July 27: Shellhammers Speedway

August 2: Reading Fair Grounds

August 6: Airport Speedway

August 13: Lanco Speedway

August 17: Shellhammers Speedway

August 24: Shellhammers Speedway

August 31: Shellhammers Speedway

September 3: Lanco Speedway

September 4: Lanco Speedway

September 7: Shellhammers Speedway

September 10: Lanco Speedway

September 14: Shellhammers Speedway

September 21: Shellhammers Speedway

September 28: Shellhammers Speedway

October 14: Lindas Nationals

October 15: Lindas Nationals

November 18: Rockfish Speedway

November 19: Rockfish Speedway