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We Stock Parts For Your 50' Squrt, 55' and 65' Telesqurt Aerials

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We Stock Parts For 50′ Squrt, 55′ and 65′ Telesqurt Aerials

That’s right; Fire Line Equipment stocks a ton of aerial replacement parts for the Squrt & Telesqurt products. You can also count on us to maintain a large stock of replacement parts that the manufacturer may not want to keep on the shelf. You can rely on our ability to source parts for your aerials that have been in your fleet for years.  Same day shipment of parts are available for orders placed before 1:00 p.m.

IMG_1301Looking for a hard to find Squrt, Telesqurt or Snorkel replacement part? Fire Line Equipment probably has it in stock or can get it. With an on-site fire truck repair facility, we carry an extensive line of fire truck parts from vendors that manufactured or supply the components for the Squrt, Telesqurt and Snorkel products.


We understand the need to have the part in hand to get your fire apparatus back into service as quickly as possible. We stock a full line of parts to get the products to you as quickly as possible.

IMG_6588Get The Right Parts Right Now

Make sure your emergency rescue & firefighting team arrives at the scene safely and on time, using quality parts and accessories from Fire Line Equipment.


We know that the community depends on your team in an emergency situation and we’ll ensure your staff is always safe while on the job. Our in-house team of trained associates can help you find the right parts and accessories for your emergency rescue vehicle.

Fire Line Equipment is among the few suppliers nationally with the expertise, knowledge and experience you can count on. We only source our parts and accessories from the top brand names in the industry and ensure they are the ideal fit for our customers. Our service work is performed by certified mechanics, trained and qualified to work with any type of emergency rescue vehicle make and model.

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