Aerial Ladder Testing & Service

Fire Line Equipment and UL LLC have partnered to offer a service that shatters the industry mold for aerial re-certification testing and preventative maintenance.


In the past, scheduling your re-certification test and then your aerial preventative maintenance was time consuming, very expensive and needlessly took the truck out of service for longer than necessary.


Today a single phone call schedules two industry leaders to complete both a PM and a third party test at an unmatched economical price.


Call 877-346-1373

UL LLC comprehensive on-site inspection program will determine compliance with NFPA 1911, Standard for Inspection, Maintenance, Testing, and Retirement of In-Service Automotive Fire Apparatus, 2012 Edition Chapter 19 -Performance Testing of Aerial Devices

Fire Line Equipment’s comprehensive preventative maintenance programs are designed utilizing OEM recommended service intervals, you can be assured that your aerial is being serviced correctly and consistently and thereby ensuring the lowest cost of ownership and highest operational up time possible.


Our EVT certified aerial ladder technicians diagnose aerial problems quickly, fix them correctly, and provide the proper maintenance on your aerial device to ensure the aerial functions properly every time.

All Aerial Device Lengths
Aerial PM and U.L. Third Party Test (NON NDT) – $2,200.00
Aerial PM and U.L. Third Party Test (WITH NDT) – $2,400.00

Contact our service department for more information on this new service offered only through Fire Line Equipment.

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