Emergency Vehicle Markers By Gorilla Fire Marks

Gorilla Fire Marks identify your pumperrescuetanker or aerial. Be seen with these high quality powder coated emergency vehicle markers. Designed to stand out while maximizing air flow and visibility. All grill numbers and letters are manufactured of 10 gauge aluminum that are precision laser cut to exact dimensions.

  1. Identifying numbers & letters are 16″ tall
  2. Cleared of dross from laser cutting and sand blasted
  3. Epoxy primer coated to increase durability and corrosion resistance
  4. Powder coated to customers color request
  5. 3M Scotchlite applied as either the whole body and outline or just to outline the powder coated number and letter
  6. Mounting hardware included

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Providing fire truck parts nationwide since 2009 to fire departments, apparatus dealers and firefighting equipment manufacturers. Fire Line Equipment supplies fire truck parts, for all makes & models of fire apparatus. We stock replacement parts for your chassis, fire pump, apparatus body and aerial ladder. Large stock of running inventory for your everyday needs and are capable of special ordering of any material requested. We have the capability of handling parts for most manufacturers vehicles as well as the aftermarket parts industry.

Marking emergency vehicles with their assigned numbers on the front, back, and sides offers several benefits:

  1. Identification: In emergency situations, quick identification of the responding vehicle is crucial for coordination and communication. Marking the vehicle with its assigned number helps bystanders, other emergency responders, and dispatchers easily recognize and track the vehicle’s movements.
  2. Enhanced Visibility: Clear identification markings improve the visibility of emergency vehicles, especially in low-light conditions or dense traffic. This visibility helps other drivers on the road to quickly notice the emergency vehicle and make way for it, reducing the risk of accidents and allowing for faster response times.
  3. Accountability: Assigning specific numbers to each vehicle allows for better accountability within emergency services departments. Supervisors and dispatchers can easily track the movements and actions of individual vehicles, aiding in resource management, incident response evaluation, and post-incident analysis.
  4. Standardization: Implementing a consistent system of marking emergency vehicles with assigned numbers promotes standardization across different departments and jurisdictions. This uniformity facilitates interoperability and communication between agencies during joint operations or mutual aid scenarios.
  5. Professionalism: Clearly marked vehicles convey a sense of professionalism and authority, instilling confidence in the public and reassurance that help is on the way during emergencies. This can contribute to overall public trust in emergency services and improve community relations.
  6. Legal Compliance: In many jurisdictions, regulations or guidelines mandate the clear identification of emergency vehicles with assigned numbers. Adhering to these requirements ensures legal compliance and may be necessary for accessing certain privileges, such as exemptions from traffic laws during emergency responses.

Overall, marking emergency vehicles with their assigned numbers serves as a fundamental component of effective emergency response operations, improving safety, coordination, accountability, and public trust.