Keystone Emergency Vehicles is now part of the Fire Line Equipment family.  Keystone Emergency Vehicles was established in July 1988 and sold one ambulance line. In 1998, a second line was added to meet the needs of a growing customer base. Today, as part of Fire Line Equipment; we represent Frontline Ambulance and Wheeled Coach to provide a variety of models and options. Carrying Type I, Type II, and Type III ambulances, our knowledgeable staff will work with you to find a unit that fits your design specifications, as well as your budget requirements.


Wheeled Coach Industries is headquartered in Winter Park, Florida and operates a production facility that spans over a half-a-million square feet. Established in 1973, the company has been working with EMS customers to manufacture some of the best ambulances and emergency vehicles in the industry for over 40 years. They have their own in-house production facilities for most components built into their vehicles, ensuring a high standard of quality control. Despite their large size, they are committed to personal attention and building an ambulance that’s simple to operate and maintain. They are one of the industry’s only ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturers building Type I, Type II, Type III and MAV emergency vehicles.


Frontline Emergency Vehicles is a new ambulance brand produced by REV Group. Established in Q2 2016, Frontline currently offers one model – the M1. Units are built in Winter Park, Florida and feature some of the industry’s fastest lead times. Ambulances can be built in 60 days, far surpassing the average of 90 to 120. Focused on durability, safety and quality, the M1 ambulance can be built in a Type I or Type III configuration and is priced competitively to provide the best in an economical ambulance brand. Backed by the REV Group, Frontline Emergency Vehicles promises to be an exciting new brand for departments seeking a dependable unit at an affordable price point.




Since we opened our doors, we have provided on-site service for our customers. Overtime, our experience has shown us that 98% of all maintenance needs can be solved at your station. It is our goal to keep your emergency vehicle in service, thus reducing downtime; we don’t want you to be out of commission longer than necessary. No long trips to get your ambulance serviced means you are ready to serve those in need quickly.

Contact Keystone Emergency Vehicles today to learn more or make an appointment. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to serve you, and will even bring a Wheeled Coach or Frontline Ambulance on-site to meet with you. Call us at 717-292-7977 to get started!

Stock & Demo Ambulances available immediately: 2018 Ford F550 / Wheeled Coach Type I, 2018 Ford E350 Frontline M1 Type I, 2018 Ford Transit Wheeled Coach Type II

ARRIVING SOON: 2019 Chevrolet K3500 4×4 – Frontline Ambulance Type I