Buy Sell Used Fire Trucks

Ever wonder what your used fire truck is worth in the buying & selling market?

We are a used fire truck dealer as well as a free listing broker in business since 2005. Our expertise gives us the tools to help you sell your used fire truck fast and for top dollar!  We advertise our trucks in fire publications monthly as well as having heavy traffic on our website and social media websites which all adds up to the most exposure for your truck!  All absolutely free of charge until your truck sells. Our advertising rates are competitive and or website traffic blows the competition away.

As an experienced dealer employing sales & service professionals with many years of experience, we are able to offer our customers options move their used fire truck.

  1. Let us help you sell it!  We will list your used fire truck absolutely free.  All advertising costs paid by us.  No hidden fees, and no out of pocket cost to your fire department.  You tell us what price you will accept for your used fire truck and that is what we will advertise it for. This option is the most viable way to get the best retail price for your truck.
  2. Sell your used fire truck direct to us!  If your truck is a 1996 model or newer, we may be interested in making you an offer to purchase your used fire truck outright.  This is the fastest way to sell your used fire truck.

Thousands of fire departments across the country and the world will see your used fire truck when you list it with Fire Line Equipment. We are a Pennsylvania company that is owned and operated by Tim Ashworth & Ron Fink. We employee 18 sales, service & parts professionals that have a combined firetruck experience of over 200 years.  Our core business are fire trucks, specializing in used fire trucks, new E-ONE fire trucks, fire truck service, fire apparatus parts and refurbishment. We’ve built quite a credible reputation over the years and any of our loyal customers can verify that we’ve certainly found our niche in the industry. Buying and selling a used fire truck can be an affordable way to upgrade apparatus, while selling used rigs can off set some of the cost of that new or near new apparatus. Understanding the lay of the land and working with a reputable dealer can keep departments from getting burned in a deal.

Determining The Value Of Your Fire Truck

There are several factors to consider in pricing a used fire truck, including 1) a depreciation formula, 2) marketplace comparisons, and 3) desirability.

When calculating depreciation, begin with the original selling price of the vehicle when new. The average fire apparatus depreciates approximately 15% within the first year, 10% the following year, 10% the third year, 7% the fourth year, and 5% the fifth year. The depreciation rate decreases every year thereafter. Typically, fire trucks loose half of their value within the first five to seven years.

Also factored in this depreciation schedule are the mileage and overall condition of the used fire truck.

Recent sales are used for comparison purposes in determining the value of a fire truck. A market study of similar apparatus that are currently for sale is another way of establishing values. One can also compare the price of a similar new truck and apply the depreciation formula to the used truck.

It is also important to take into consideration the desirability of the fire apparatus. Specifications of the vehicle are a factor that determines a truck’s desirability. For example, used tractor drawn aerials or ladder trucks are not highly desirable because they present problems with man-power and training. Any type of aerial that does not have a pump or tank presents this problem in the used truck market. Unless the aerial truck is a Quint, it will be especially difficult to sell as it becomes older. Another major factor in this is supply and demand. For example,  if there are many new or late model used tankers and brush rigs on the market. In order to sell this type of used unit a department must price its vehicle lower than the market value because there are so many available. The supply exceeds the demand in this case.  Conversely, if there is a greater demand and a smaller supply of heavy, medium and light duty rescues as well as all wheel drive Type II, Type III and rescue engines. A higher selling price can be applied to these types of fire apparatus.

Have more questions on the value of your truck, ready to advertise it for sale or just want to sell it to us? Give us a call toll free @ 877-346-1373