It’s All About Choice

There are more than 28,000 traditional fire pumpers and rescue pumpers in active service throughout the United States, Canada and in 80-plus countries worldwide. E-ONE offers the options to fit — aluminum or stainless steel bodies, side, top, or rear mounted pump operator panels, roll-up or hinged doors, internal and external storage options and so much more.

Commercial Cab Pumper

Available on a Freightliner, International, Kenworth or Peterbuilt chassis, the E-ONE Commercial Pumper features either a side-mount or a top-mount pump control option. It can be fitted with a 530-gallon tank or a larger 1,530-gallon water tank and can offer up to 199 cubic feet of internal compartment storage. Other available options: extended or enhanced extended compartments, various ladder storage options, hinged or roll-up doors, hydraulic or portable generator, integral foam cells.



Designed to meet the unique demands of departments located in extreme climates, the E-ONE top-mount enclosed commercial pumper combines the proven performance of our stainless steel body with the many conveniences of our new crew area to offer an industry-leading design.


E-ONE’s new stainless steel, top-mount enclosed commercial pumper offers all the comfort, convenience and safety necessary to keep your crew protected from the elements so they can stay focused on protecting the community. The eMAX® pump configuration combined with the one-piece, stainless steel crew cab and pump module allow E-ONE to offer a 10-20” shorter wheelbase than competitive products while increasing the usable compartment space and making the truck more maneuverable. The redesigned crew area and chassis cab offer seating for up to seven personnel with convenience features in the crew cab including fold-up, heated seats, armrest cup holders and dynamic SCBA mounting. To keep the driver, officer and crew comfortable, this truck also features a 87,000 BTU heating and 25,000 BTU cooling system. Safety is also a key component of this design with E-ONE’s crew cab door-locking mechanisms meeting FMVSS 206 requirements.


Commercial Cab Industrial Pumper

The E-ONE Industrial Pumper offers a lower-cost commercial chassis vehicle with excellent fire fighting ability. When combined, our high-flow deck gun and pump can deliver up to 4,000 gallons of foam and water per minute.

No other apparatus manufacturer can deliver quicker, more efficient ways to extinguish industrial fires than


Tough On The Inside

E-ONE uses stainless steel plumbing to provide a stronger, yet lighter plumbing package. Backed by a ten-year standard warranty, we incorporate rounded construction to allow for an increase in flow while minimizing the risk of corrosion. This ensures you receive apparatus that performs over the duration of service.


E-ONE commercial pumpers offer the perfect combination of Quality, Performance and Flexibility to meet your department’s operational and budgetary needs. Quality – commercial pumpers are fully engineered for prompt delivery, easy service and reduced cost over the life of your department’s apparatus. Performance – E-ONE partners with the most reliable commercial chassis manufacturers in the industry to pair with our proven extruded aluminum body design. Flexibility – commercial pumpers offer a variety of storage options, compartment configurations, uniquely designed shelves, trays and pull-out boards to keep your ladders and equipment clean and protected from the elements as well as easy to access. E-ONE commercial pumpers –the Quality, Performance and Flexibility you expect from every member of your team.

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