E-ONE’s Custom Pumpers offer a wide variety of internal storage options to keep fire suppression and rescue equipment organized and protected from the elements. E-ONE pumpers allow you to fight fires and respond to all the emergencies in between. And at E-ONE, safety is never secondary. Which is why our roll cage cab, CrewGuard® and ABS are standard with available options such as airbags and G4™ electronic stability control.

+ Custom Cab Pumper
Custom Cab Pumper

E-ONE pumpers exceed NFPA 1901 standards and undergo extensive third party testing. Handrails are placed in natural, ergonomic positions for easier and safer movement around trucks. Stepping surfaces are non-slip Gator Grip™ for secure footing.

Expansive work and ground lighting for night time operations. Cyclone II or Typhoon chassis available, Side-Mount or Top-Mount pump controls, Hale or Waterous pumps, 530 to 1,530 gallon water tank capacity.

+ eMax Custom Cab Pumper
Silver Spring Community Fire Company
eMax Custom Cab Pumper

The new pump location and apparatus configuration is designed to offer Maximum Maneuverability with a short wheelbase, Maximum Storage space with up to 586 cubic feet of storage, Maximum Accessibility with low, pre-connected handlines and a rear access ladder, Maximum Utility with the ability to carry equipment necessary for fire, rescue and EMS response in one organized apparatus.

All these features combined allow you to Maximize your Performance with the new eMAX by E-ONE.

+ Custom Cab Enclosed Top-Mount Pumper
Custom Cab Enclosed Top-Mount Pumper

The E-ONE Enclosed Top-Mount Custom Pumper gives you the ability to control the pump from the fully enclosed top-mounted control module. The extruded aluminum or stainless steel body and pump module construction ensures your getting a quality pumper you can rely on.

+ Industrial Custom Pumper
Industrial Custom Pumper

With a wide assortment of foam and chemical systems, dual and single deck guns, our industrial custom pumpers are the most versatile, durable pumpers on the market. Offering both extruded aluminum and stainless steel bodies, foam tanks up to 3000 gallons, and available on one of the industry’s strongest custom chassis, E-ONE industrial pumpers will meet unique needs while exceeding expectations.

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