Custom Fire Truck Chassis

E-ONE offers four custom chassis – the Quest®, Cyclone®, Typhoon® and the HS. Whichever E-ONE cab you choose, you can have confidence that it is designed with a structural cage that provides maximum protection and comfort for you and your firefighters. Structural extrusions including sub-frames, a full flange wishbone frame rail, center uprights, and crossbeam extrusions are engineered for optimum performance. Horizontal and vertical supports handle severe vertical loads, which can occur in accidents. The perimeter skin material is made of 3/16” aluminum alloy sheet for extra toughness.

+ Typhoon Chassis

Many fire departments require a reliable and safe cab in a value conscience package. The Typhoon exceeds expectations with our high-strength, extruded aluminum framework and 3/16″ thick outer shell. The structural integrity of the Typhoon matches that of similar E-ONE products and meets the ECE R-29 crash worthiness standard.

+ Cyclone Chassis
Cyclone® II

The Cyclone offers spacious floor to ceiling height, low engine cover height and an open cab design for comfortable seating and excellent visibility. In addition to comfort, the Cyclone II is loaded with features that add to its refined nature. Engine noise and heat are isolated from the cab with internal heat-resistant, high-performance fiberglass insulation and a 1/2″ self-skinning Polyurethane cover.

+ HS Chassis
HS Chassis

The unique E-ONE HS chassis removes the engine from the cab to provide more room in the front and back for personnel, endless storage options, and industry-leading audible and visual communication. Utilizing a rear-engine concept originally launched decades ago with the Hush® by E-ONE, the engine in the HS is located at the rear of the truck – but that’s the only similarity to the original Hush. Based on voice of the customer, the HS was engineered from the ground up to meet the needs of both the crew operating and the crew maintaining the apparatus. The result was a design that not only meets the performance needs of firefighters, but also the ease-of-maintenance needs of service technicians. The engine can be easily accessed without needing to tilt the cab by utilizing two rear, power-operated, sliding compartments. Each rear-sliding compartment holds up to 500 lbs of equipment and the equipment does not have to be removed to operate the sliders. Furthermore, critical fluids can be checked via access panels in the compartments.

+ Quest Chassis

E-ONE has designed the Quest chassis to be stronger, more spacious, comfortable and user friendly. When it comes to visibility, this cab has no equal. From the tread plate aluminum roof to the extruded lattice sub frame, The Quest has been engineered to be the new benchmark in custom chassis construction. In The Quest, legroom from seat base to front of firewall is an impressive 27 ¼” while hip room is a comfortable 23″. An officer-side binnacle provides a mounting location for spotlight system controls, integrated siren control panel, (2) 12-volt power outlets and air horn controls. This preserves valuable floor space and prevents unintentional device activation.

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