Performance and Safety

E-ONE utilizes design model analysis and extensive strain-gauge testing. The E-ONE aerial model designs are verified by an independent, professional structural engineer. Each E ONE aerial is tested by a professional, third-party testing company in accordance with NFPA 1901 and 1914. All E-ONE aerials and platforms are rated in multiple configurations clearly shown on load charts. E-ONE’s rated loads are available at all angles of elevation, full extension, 360 degrees around the vehicle and while flowing water. Distributed load ratings are allowed at full extension and low angles. The E-ONE under-slung jack system with narrow jack spread makes it easier to set up in narrow alleys and congested streets. The fast and easy outrigger setup can be achieved in less than 35 seconds for 2-jack systems and less than 45 seconds for 4-jack systems.

+ 50′ Teleboom
50′ Teleboom

The 50′ Teleboom is a perfect compliment for communities with townhouses, strip malls, warehouses and rural industry. The combination of a pumper-style body with an elevated master stream creates an extremely versatile apparatus. Its mid-ship, 3-section boom is compact, quick to set up and requires very little swing clearance. And with the aerial controls conveniently located next to the pump operator’s panel, the 50′ Teleboom is easily operated with limited manpower.

+ HP 75′ Quint
HP 75′ Quint

The HP 75′ is available with a traditional center hosebed design or our performance maximized SideStacker. The SideStacker provides generous rescue-style compartments with a large easy-to-load hosebed that can be repacked without moving the aerial from the cradle. This feature allows the HP 75 to fit seamlessly into engine company operations when the aerial isn’t needed.

+ HP 78′ Quint
HP 78′ Quint

E-ONE’s new HP 78 features a 750-lb tip load for increased rescue capability and additional reach of similar products in its class. The new ToughTruss™ aerial features extruded aluminum construction that exceeds NFPA’s 1901 requirements with a 2.5 to 1 structural safety factor. In addition, the aluminum aerial will not rust, need painting, or require rung cover replacement, delivering lower life-cycle cost than steel aerials. With the combination of generous compartmentation, ground ladder storage, hosebed and tank size, the HP78 outperforms, out maneuvers and out reaches the competition.

+ METRO 100

Designed with both urban and suburban departments in mind, this highly maneuverable 100’ ladder boasts a mere 220” wheelbase and 11’ jack spread with criss- cross, underslung outriggers for set-up in tight spaces. Featuring E-ONE’s exclusive integral torque box chassis and ToughTruss® ladder design, the Metro 100 boasts an industry-leading 2.5 to 1 structural safety factor – exceeding NFPA’s 2 to 1 requirement. Combined with E-ONE’s Cyclone low travel height aerial cab, the Metro 100 offers an impressively low 10’7” travel height.

+ HP 100′ Ladder
HP 100′ Ladder

The E-ONE HP 100 is able to arrive first on the scene with everything necessary for fast action when the extra reach of a 100′ aerial is needed. The HP 100’s short wheelbase and tight turning radius make for easy maneuvering in traffic. While the crisscross, under-slung jacks contribute to a low center of gravity, they also deploy in an industry leading time of less than 40 seconds with only a 12′ spread.

+ HM 100′ / 110′ Ladder
HM 100′ / 110′ Ladder

The HM 100/110 aerial model offers a low travel height, short wheelbase and tight turning radius for maneuvering in congested streets. The criss-cross, underslung jacks contribute to a low center of gravity and deploy in an industry-leading time of less than 40 seconds and, with a mere 11’ spread, can set up in very tight areas.

+ CR 100 Ladder
CR 100 Ladder

If tip-load and low-angle performance top your list of “must haves,” our CR 100 with an impressive 800 lb capacity for firefighters is your aerial. It utilizes our famous integral torque box chassis and narrow stabilizer spread to make your job easier while holding heavier loads. The exclusive integral torque box chassis features a Resistance to Bending Moment (RBM) rating of 14,350,000.

+ HPS 105 Ladder
HPS 105 Ladder

All the strength you’ve come to trust with E-ONE aluminum aerials is now available in steel. The new HPS 105 steel ladder boasts the same 2.5 to 1 structural safety factor, strong integral torque box chassis, proven criss-cross, underslung jack system and rock-solid stability of all E-ONE aerials.



From the low-weight, high-strength DOMEX® steel and innovative greaseless roller system to E-ONE’s new Advanced Aerial Control System (AACS), the new HPS 105 offers the superior performance of an E-ONE aerial with an innovative new steel ladder to meet the needs of departments preferring steel. The HPS 105 features a 500 lb tip load (wet or dry), 94’-6” horizontal reach, criss-cross, underslung jacks with only a 13’-8” spread, 240” wheelbase, 1000 GPM pinned waterway, hi-traction rung covers, a bolt-on egress, and large sheaves with large extension and retraction cables.

+ CR 137′ Ladder
CR 137′ Ladder

The CR 137 features narrow criss-cross under-slung stabilizers and a speedy set up – less than 45 seconds. The welded extruded aluminum ladder combined with advanced engineering provides a 2.5 to 1 structural safety factor, exceeding NFPA requirements. As with most E-ONE aerials, the integral torque box frame offers a rock solid foundation for the chassis and aerial, while providing a lower center of gravity than a bolt-on torque box for improved vehicle handling. Perhaps the most impressive feature of the CR 137 is its ability to reach a target that is 110′ high AND 82′ horizontally off the side while supporting a 750 personnel tip load. For maximum reach, strength, stability and safety, make sure your crew is riding in the new E-ONE CR 137.

+ E-ONE Tiller
E-ONE Tiller

The Super Tiller with V-Max™ Cab is a 100-foot tillered aerial ladder boasting a 500-lb. tip load at the end while flowing water in all positions.

This feature is even more impressive when customers learn it sits on a single 27,000-lb. rear axle, which enhances maneuverability on tight streets.

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