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First Responder Vehicles

The premier manufacturer of custom and specialty first responder vehicles. Clients include fire departmentsEMS agenciespolice and the federal government to name a few. FastLane is dedicated to quality and are poised in the market as a national leader in providing custom solutions at a production price point.



FastLane focuses on quality. Quality and great fit and finish has been the driving force behind 16+ years of innovation and industry leadership. The main difference between FastLane and your alternative install shops is high quality, great fit and finish and public safety level reliability.



All FastLane’s vehicles (and customizations) are built with the public safety market in mind. We know you are tough on your vehicles and products and we know that your focus need to be on your job, not on distractions. Designed by first responders, your FastLane will perform at the same level as other heavy duty apparatus in your fleet — what you deserve — what you need.



FastLane vehicles have a proven track record.  Whether its our more than 99% uptime or the municipal fleet getting 200,000+ miles out of their FastLane’s, dependable is the hallmark of a FastLane vehicle.  Every FastLane comes with a 3year/36,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty in addition to a 6 year/72,000 mile electrical warranty; not that  you will need or use it.  FastLane enjoys a warranty call back rate of less than 2%, unrivaled in the industry.

+ FastLane Products
Vehicle Conversions 

FastLane Emergency Vehicles offer a range of vehicle conversions from Fire Command vehicles to Brush Unit to Law Enforcement Cruisers and everything in between.


FastPLEX™ – standard on every new FastLane.  FastPLEX™ system comes with a front 4.3” TFT touchscreen panel that acts as both the message display and switch panel for a clean, compact design.  Fully IP67 compliant, this panel can be mounted virtually anywhere on the vehicle (inside and out).  In addition the FastPLEX™ system includes CAN bus communication with vehicle and modules, 16 integrated inputs and 32 low and high current outputs for powerful control of all added equipment.


Templox FastLane’s climate control and temperature regulation module. Featuring all solid-state components with a digital controller, Templox can be integrated into your new FastLane cabinet or purchased for your own vehicle as a stand-alone unit. Whether you need to store temperature sensitive medications or need to protect sensitive electronic and testing equipment, Templox is the answer. With a minimum R-Value of R-8, Templox can maintain critical temperature ranges for hours, even when off. Templox can drive temperatures as much as 40 degrees above or below ambient automatically heating or cooling depending on the outside temperature.


Rhodium™ Incident Management Suite – Provides a complete command and control solution allowing you to quickly consolidate information, coordinate assets, and act. From day-to-day incidents to large scale, multi-agency responses, Rhodium is intuitive and scalable to any situation.

  • Day-to-Day Incidents
  • Major Incidents
  • Incident/Event Pre-Planning
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