Rothsville Volunteer Fire Company Takes Delivery

Rothsville Volunteer Fire Company took delivery of their new 2020 E-ONE Typhoon Pumper with a severe duty interior. The new pumper will be replacing a 1994 Pierce pumper that the department purchased new in 1994. The new E-ONE features a Typhoon long cab with a raised roof and is powered by a Cummins L9 450 HP diesel. The Waterous 1500 GPM fire pump is bolstered by a 1030 gallon water tank, FRC Pump Boss, deck gun and rear discharges. The all aluminum construction of the cab and body features a heavy duty front extended bumper, Bostrom seating,  SCBA IMMI SmartDock Gen2 Restraint System, Whelen LED Warning Light Package, FireTech 72” Brow Light, FireTech Kwik Raze Pole Mounted Scene Lights, Wheelwell SCBA Storage, LED Compartment Lighting and FireTech LED Cab Headlights.

We are excited to see another new E-ONE in Lancaster County, PA, Congratulations and thank you for your business!