2014 International TerraStar PL Custom Medium Duty Ambulance

Thank you, Western Berks EMS in West Lawn, PA, for entrusting us with the advertisement of your 2014 International TerraStar PL Custom Medium Duty Ambulance. We appreciate the opportunity to have worked with you on this sale.

Congratulations to Thomas Jackson in Clinton, NC, on your recent purchase! We hope this ambulance serves you well and becomes a valuable asset in your operations. We wish you success and thank you for choosing Fire Line Equipment & Better Call Bob to find your perfect match.

To all our clients, we value your trust and remain committed to providing an efficient and seamless experience when buying or selling your emergency vehicles. We look forward to future collaborations and opportunities to serve the EMS community.

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The PL Custom Medium Duty Ambulance is a popular choice among emergency medical service (EMS) providers, thanks to its combination of reliability, efficiency, and user-friendly design. As a critical resource for first responders, this ambulance provides the necessary tools and features to ensure the safe and effective transportation of patients in need.

  1. Robust and Durable Chassis Built on a sturdy International TerraStar chassis, the PL Custom Medium Duty Ambulance is designed to withstand the rigorous demands of emergency medical services. The robust frame and suspension system ensure a smooth, stable ride, even in challenging conditions.
  2. Spacious and Customizable Interior The interior of the PL Custom Medium Duty Ambulance is thoughtfully designed to optimize the working environment for medical personnel. With ample space to accommodate necessary equipment and personnel, the customizable layout enables EMS providers to tailor the ambulance to their specific needs. This includes options for various cabinetry, seating arrangements, and storage solutions.
  3. Advanced Life Support Capabilities Equipped with advanced life support (ALS) capabilities, the PL Custom Medium Duty Ambulance allows EMS providers to deliver the highest level of pre-hospital care. This includes features such as oxygen and suction systems, built-in drug storage, and vital signs monitoring equipment. These features enable medical professionals to provide critical care and stabilization during transport.
  4. Enhanced Safety Features Safety is a paramount concern for EMS providers, and the PL Custom Medium Duty Ambulance is designed with this in mind. The vehicle includes a range of safety features, such as advanced braking systems, stability control, and high-visibility lighting. Additionally, the ambulance incorporates ergonomic design elements to reduce the risk of injury to both patients and personnel.
  5. Efficient and Eco-friendly The PL Custom Medium Duty Ambulance is built with efficiency in mind, featuring a fuel-efficient engine and an aerodynamic body design. This not only reduces operational costs but also lessens the vehicle’s environmental impact. Some models even offer alternative fuel options, such as compressed natural gas (CNG) or hybrid electric systems.

Overall, the PL Custom Medium Duty Ambulance offers a reliable, efficient, and customizable solution for emergency medical services providers. Its durability, spacious interior, advanced life support capabilities, and focus on safety make it a valuable addition to any EMS fleet.