Akron Brass Parts

As a global manufacturer of fire fighting equipment and more, Akron Brass designs and manufactures products that meet the demands of the industry and help you perform your job safely and efficiently. Whether you need fire nozzles, fire fighting valves, monitors or the latest technology in vehicle electronics, there is a large selection to meet your unique application.

Akron Brass serves the firefighters and emergency medical responders who protect our communities worldwide. They understand the risks and sacrifices that first responders make on a regular basis. For over 90 years, they have provided fire and rescue equipment that can be trusted to improve safety and efficiency for men and women engaged in fire suppression and emergency medical services.

Since its inception in 1918, they have been an industry leader in handline nozzles, monitors and valves, but the company has evolved into so much more. With a focus on innovation, they lead fire fighting equipment suppliers in developing products suitable for unique applications such as de-icing, equipment wash-down, and more. In addition, the Weldon division of Akron Brass provides a complete offering of lighting devices and customized electrical control solutions for specialty vehicle markets. From warning lights to multiplexing, the Weldon division offers cutting-edge design and manufacturing.

We know that your job requires a lot of responsibility, and we understand the sacrifices you make to perform your job. By observing, listening, learning and collaborating with you, Akron Brass engineers and manufactures the products you need to achieve your goals.


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