First Responder Cameras

Cameras For Emergency Personnel

Wearable first responder cameras can make first responders, fire fighters and police officers more effective, more accountable and most importantly safer as they walk the emergency scene. From capturing footage of criminals to fire scene and emergency personnel training,  in action, video cameras have changed the world in a number of ways. Wearable cameras capture video in a unique, first-person perspective. They allow you to record your experiences, whether they are from on the job your daily life. Wearable cameras usually clip on to an article of clothing such as a shirt, belt, harness, hat or helmet. Wearable cameras come with a number of different features and functions that suit different types of users. With HD video, mounts for attaching onto helmets and bikes, and clips for attaching to a shirt or turn out gear, there are wearable cameras to fill very different needs. Examining what you want from a camera as well as the important features available can help you find a camera that fits your line of work.



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