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Task Force Tips (TFT) was founded on innovation over 50 years ago. Every day new ideas flow at TFT for one reason, to help firefighters save lives and protect property more safely and effectively than the day before.

The fire service has lots of great suppliers, but only a very few that are true water flow experts. Since day one, TFT has focused on water flow exclusively. This has yielded thousands of innovative products used every day for initial attack, water supply, fire apparatus and both wildland and industrial firefighting. We design products to meet all the needs of the fire service, not just a convenient percentage of the demands.

From a simple sketch on a napkin by founder Clyde McMillan that started the company over 50 years ago, Task Force Tips today designs, manufactures, and delivers innovative high performance products and agent delivery solutions to emergency responders around the world. However, the commitment to excellence remains unchanged.

Technical assistance is available 24/7, from a knowledgeable staff with decades of fire service experience. Our friendly and helpful sales staff stands ready to assist you from the TFT campus or in the field. If it’s service or repair parts you need, our service department will offer the best solution to meet your needs with 24 hour turn around on all equipment sent back for service. Providing the best service to our customers is not just a goal, it’s our way of doing business every day.

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