Used Firefighting Tools & Equipment

Fire fighting equipment, tools & equipment are used for fire fighting by trained fire fighters, or a user at the scene of a fire. There are a number of different kinds of fire fighting equipment available depending on the methods used, purpose, user and location. They also vary in types, capacity, size, quality, duration of intended use, type of fire risk involved, manual or automated and many other criteria. Fire fighting equipment ranges from a fire fighters gear to fitted systems in a building to fire extinguishers and communication equipment of a wide variety.  Many techniques can be used to gain entry into secured structures. The exact tools & equipment needed will depend upon the method of entry and the type of obstacle. Please use the links below view the specifics of each used tool &or equipment for the individual item for sale. Our inventory changes often so be sure to check our website regularly for new listings, service and fire truck part specials and industry news.

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