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Akron Brass 4″ Handwheel


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The 4″ size provides a comfortable grip for the operator, enabling easy operation even when wearing gloves.

Product Range

The company offers an extensive range of products, including:

  1. Nozzles: Akron Brass’s line of nozzles caters to various firefighting situations, from structural fires to wildland and aircraft rescue firefighting. Akron Brass offers a range of monitor options, including portable, fixed, and remote-controlled models.
  2. Valves: The company produces a variety of valves to regulate water flow and pressure in firefighting systems. Their selection includes ball valves, gate valves, wye valves, and more, suitable for various applications and environments.
  3. Apparatus components: Akron Brass provides a wide array of components for fire trucks and emergency vehicles, such as deck guns, foam systems, and scene lighting solutions.
  4. Emergency response tools: The company also offers a range of tools and equipment for emergency personnel, including forcible entry tools, utility shutoff tools, and vehicle stabilization equipment.


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Weight 4 lbs


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