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7/16″ Cable Spacer


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A 7/16″ cable spacer is a small device used to separate two cables in a lashed cable construction. It is typically made of plastic or PVC and has a hole in the center that the cables are threaded through. The spacer helps to prevent the cables from chafing against each other and protects them from damage.

7/16″ cable spacers are commonly used in aerial construction to space apart power lines, communication cables, and other types of cables. They are also used in underground construction to space apart cables that are bundled together in a conduit.

Here are some of the benefits of using 7/16″ cable spacers:

  • They help to prevent cables from chafing against each other, which can cause damage and lead to outages.
  • They help to protect cables from environmental factors such as moisture, dust, and UV rays.
  • They can help to extend the lifespan of cables by reducing wear and tear.
  • They can make it easier to inspect and maintain cables.

1.25″ OD X 13/16″ ID X 1″ Long


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Weight 1 lbs


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