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900 Series Scenelight


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Surface mounted Whelen 900 Series Scenelight broadcasts high intensity light down and away from your vehicle for up to three times the effective lighting performance compared to any competitive light!


• 24 diode lighthead with a unique (patent pending) internal and external optic design for superior scenelighting without angle brackets
• Surface mounted, die-cast housing eliminates body cut-outs on your vehicle
• Internal and external optical lens design provides more evenly distributed, functional light
• LED lighting out performs HID, utilizing brighter color temperatures. LED lighting is more reliable, eliminating the high cost of replacing H.I.D. lamps and ballasts
• 6500 Lumen output
• Draws 6 amps at 12.8 VDC
• Super-LEDs are low amperage, low operating temperature
• Instant “On”? with no warm up and no high current voltage spikes on start up
• Conformal coated internal electronics
• Supplied 9EFlange trim ring
• LED lights do not emit ultra-violet radiation that attracts insects in nighttime operation
• Certified to meet AMD Standard 024 for perimeter illumination
• 9-3/16″ Long x 7-13/16″ High, Protrudes 1-3/4″.
• No high voltage.
• Super-LEDs are instant “On”, no warm-up or high current voltage spikes on start up.

Legacy P/N: 10008018, AS00148


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