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Established in 1918, Akron Brass is a leading global manufacturer of high-performance firefighting equipment and emergency response products. With a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Akron Brass has continually adapted and expanded its product offerings to meet the evolving needs of the firefighting and emergency response communities. This article takes a closer look at the history, key product offerings, and core values that have driven Akron Brass to become a respected name in the industry.

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Akron field service/conversion kit for 3″ and 3.5″ Generation II Heavy Duty Swing-Out Valves. This service kit includes seats, o-rings and a Generation II stainless steel ball with Hydromax. This kit will service all 3″ and 3.5″ Akron Brass Swing-Out valves including the styles 8630, 8635, 8830 & 8835.

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To ensure proper maintenance, conversion, and servicing of Akron Brass Generation II Heavy Duty Swing-Out Valves, users should consult the valve’s user manual for information on the appropriate Field Service/Conversion Kit and maintenance procedures for their specific valve model.

Akron Brass was founded in Akron, Ohio, by Charles F. Seiberling and James F. Keck. The company began as a small business that manufactured tire-patching equipment.

Some of their key product offerings include:

  1. Nozzles: Akron Brass designs and manufactures a wide variety of firefighting nozzles, including handline, monitor, and foam nozzles.
  2. Monitors: Akron Brass offers an array of water and foam monitors, ranging from portable ground monitors to fixed, remote-controlled units. These monitors provide superior firefighting capabilities by allowing responders to direct a high volume of water or foam at a safe distance from the fire.
  3. Valves: The company’s line of valves includes gate, ball, butterfly, and wye valves, designed for dependable flow control in firefighting and emergency response applications.
  4. Vehicle electronics: The company’s vehicle electronics, including controllers and multiplex systems, provide seamless integration of various electrical components in fire apparatus and emergency vehicles.

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