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An ANL 400 fuse is a type of electrical fuse that is used to protect electrical circuits from overcurrent. It is a high-current fuse that is capable of carrying up to 400 amps of current. ANL fuses are typically used in applications where high currents are required, such as in car audio systems, marine electrical systems, and industrial applications.

ANL fuses are non-time-delay fuses, which means that they will blow immediately if the current exceeds the fuse’s rating. This makes them ideal for protecting circuits from short circuits and other high-current faults.

ANL fuses are available in a variety of sizes and ratings, so it is important to choose the correct fuse for the application. ANL fuses are also available in a variety of materials, such as copper, silver, and gold. The material of the fuse will affect its performance and cost.

Legacy P/N: EL33586

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