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Class 1 Total Pressure Governor Plus (TPG+)


Class 1 products are designed to meet the needs of emergency responders in a variety of settings, including law enforcement, fire and rescue, and public works. The brand’s warning lights and sirens are engineered to provide maximum visibility and audibility, helping to ensure the safety of emergency responders and the public.

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Class 1 Total Pressure Governor Plus (TPG+)

The Class 1 Total Pressure Governor Plus (TPG+) places vital pump and engine control information in one easy-to-use compact package. Engine information including oil pressure, temperature, pump hours, fuel rate and engine hours. It is available with one touch. The TPG+ has large intake and discharge pressure displays eliminating the need for separate master gauges saving valuable pump panel space. It utilizes the J1939 CAN bus for engine control but also has an analog throttle output for those engines that do not support CAN control.

NOTE: Due to supply constraints the current lead time is 3-4 months.


Weight 33.8 oz (958.2 g)
Width 7.5″ (190.5mm)
Height 6.0″ (152.4mm)
Depth 2.312″ (58.74mm)
Operating Pressure 300 – 600 PSI (20.68 Bar – 41.37 Bar)
Volts +9VDC … +32VDC
Amperage 400 mA (13.8 VDC) / 215 mA (27.6 VDC)
Can Specification SAE J1939: 125, 250, 500 Kbits/second
Engine Cummins, Mercedes, PGN0, Analog, PWM, Volvo FE/FL, Volvo FM/FH, Scania BWS, Scania BCI, FAW, MAN

The Class 1 Total Pressure Governor Plus (TPG+) is a state-of-the-art pressure control system designed for use in fire apparatus and other emergency response vehicles. The TPG+ is a sophisticated device that provides precise control over the water pressure in a firefighting system, ensuring that firefighters have the right amount of pressure to fight fires effectively and safely.

The TPG+ is designed to be easy to operate and intuitive to use. It features a large, easy-to-read display that provides clear and concise information about the pressure in the system, as well as other important data such as water flow rate and pump status.

The TPG+ is also equipped with advanced safety features, including automatic pressure relief valves and over-pressure protection systems, which help prevent damage to the pump and other components of the firefighting system.

In addition to its pressure control capabilities, the TPG+ also features a range of other advanced features and functions, including:

  • Flow measurement and display, which allows firefighters to monitor the water flow rate in real-time and make adjustments as needed.
  • Pump monitoring and diagnostic functions, which provide detailed information about the performance and status of the firefighting pump.
  • Automatic pressure adjustment, which allows the TPG+ to automatically adjust the water pressure based on changes in the system or changes in the firefighting conditions.

The Class 1 Total Pressure Governor Plus (TPG+) is a powerful and versatile pressure control system that is essential for effective and safe firefighting operations. Its advanced features, intuitive interface, and robust safety features make it a trusted and reliable choice for firefighters and emergency responders around the world.

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