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Class 1 Total Pressure Governor (TPG) Display


Founded in the early 1980s, Class 1 quickly became known for its groundbreaking electronic pressure governor systems, which revolutionized the way fire pumps were controlled and monitored. Since then, the company has expanded its product offerings to include a wide range of solutions designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of firefighting operations.

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Class 1 Total Pressure Governor (TPG) Display

A Class 1 Total Pressure Governor (TPG) display is a component of an electronic pressure governor system installed on fire apparatus, such as fire trucks and pumpers. The primary function of a pressure governor is to automatically maintain a constant pressure in the fire pump during firefighting operations, ensuring a steady and reliable water flow for fire suppression.

The Class 1 TPG display serves as the user interface for the pressure governor system, allowing firefighters to monitor and adjust the pump’s performance during an emergency operation. The display typically shows essential information such as pump discharge pressure, engine RPM, and other relevant data. It also allows the operator to set the desired pressure and make adjustments as needed.

Some key features of a Class 1 Total Pressure Governor display include:

  1. Easy-to-read display: The TPG display is designed to be easy to read, even in harsh lighting conditions or low-visibility situations, ensuring that firefighters can quickly and accurately monitor the pump’s performance.
  2. User-friendly controls: The display features intuitive controls, allowing operators to adjust settings and make changes quickly and efficiently during an emergency operation.
  3. Durable construction: The Class 1 TPG display is typically built with high-quality materials and designed to withstand the demanding conditions of firefighting operations, ensuring reliable performance when it’s needed most.
  4. Compatibility: The display is designed to work seamlessly with the Class 1 Total Pressure Governor system, allowing for smooth and accurate pump control during firefighting operations.
  5. Safety features: Some TPG displays may include built-in safety features, such as pressure relief or overspeed protection, to help prevent damage to the pump or other components of the fire apparatus.

A Class 1 Total Pressure Governor display is a critical component of an effective pressure governor system, providing firefighters with the necessary information and control to efficiently manage their fire pump during emergency operations.




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