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An Aerial Electrocution Hazard label is a safety label that warns people of the risk of electrocution when working with or near aerial lifts. Aerial lifts are powered machines that can be used to raise people and equipment to high altitudes. They are commonly used in construction, maintenance, and other industries.

Aerial Electrocution Hazard labels typically include the following information:

  • A warning symbol, such as a lightning bolt or a person being electrocuted
  • The words “DANGER: Electrocution Hazard” or “WARNING: Aerial Electrocution Hazard”
  • A statement about the risks of electrocution, such as “DEATH OR SERIOUS INJURY will result from contact with or proximity to an electrically charged conductor”
  • Instructions on how to avoid electrocution, such as maintaining a safe distance from power lines and other electrical hazards

Aerial Electrocution Hazard labels are required by law in many jurisdictions. They should be placed on all aerial lifts and in other areas where people may be at risk of electrocution.

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