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Elkhart Brass 3″ Celcon Ball


Elkhart Brass has built a strong reputation as a trusted manufacturer of firefighting equipment, offering an extensive range of products that prioritize safety, performance, and durability. From advanced nozzle technology to innovative monitors and reliable valves, Elkhart Brass continues to meet the ever-changing demands of the firefighting industry. Their dedication to providing high-quality equipment has made them a go-to choice for firefighters and emergency responders worldwide.

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Elkhart Brass 3″ Celcon Ball

Elkhart Brass 3″ Celcon Ball used for 3″ 893 & 2893 apparatus valves.

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The Elkhart Brass 3″ Celcon Ball is a replacement part used in select Elkhart Brass valves and nozzles. Made from Celcon, a type of acetal copolymer, the ball is designed to provide durability, low friction, and resistance to wear and tear in demanding conditions. Acetal copolymers like Celcon are known for their excellent mechanical properties, dimensional stability, and resistance to chemicals, which make them ideal for use in high-performance firefighting equipment.

In Elkhart Brass valves and nozzles, the Celcon ball is an essential component that helps regulate water flow and maintain a proper seal during operation. Its smooth surface and low friction properties allow it to rotate easily within the valve, ensuring consistent and efficient water flow control.

Elkhart Brass is a leading manufacturer of high-quality firefighting and fire protection equipment. With a long history of expertise and commitment to innovation, the company has developed an extensive range of products designed to meet the demands of firefighting professionals and emergency responders. This article explores the key product categories that Elkhart Brass offers, highlighting the company’s dedication to safety, efficiency, and performance.

  1. Nozzles

Elkhart Brass is renowned for its advanced nozzle technology, offering a wide variety of nozzles to suit different firefighting scenarios. Their product range includes handline nozzles, industrial nozzles, and monitors, with options for both fixed and adjustable gallons per minute (GPM). Some notable nozzles in their lineup are:

  • Select-O-Matic: A series of nozzles that automatically adjust water flow to maintain effective pressure and firefighting performance.
  • Chief XD: A high-pressure nozzle designed for increased flow and reach, making it suitable for various firefighting applications.
  • Phantom: A low-pressure nozzle engineered for water conservation and ideal for use in areas with limited water supply.
  1. Monitors

Monitors, also known as water cannons or deck guns, are crucial firefighting tools designed to deliver large amounts of water or foam to extinguish fires. Elkhart Brass offers a comprehensive selection of monitors that cater to different requirements, such as portable, fixed, and remote-controlled models. Some popular monitors include:

  • Raptor: A versatile, lightweight monitor with a high-flow capacity and multiple mounting options, making it suitable for different firefighting situations.
  • Cobra: A remote-controlled monitor offering precise control and maneuverability, reducing the risk to firefighters during operations.
  • Stinger: A compact and portable monitor, perfect for quick deployment and ideal for situations where space is limited.
  1. Valves

Elkhart Brass manufactures a broad range of valves designed for fire protection systems and firefighting apparatus. These valves play a critical role in controlling water flow and pressure during emergency operations. Some key valve types offered by Elkhart Brass are:

  • Ball Valves: Designed for durability and minimal maintenance, these valves provide efficient flow control and are available in various sizes and configurations.
  • Butterfly Valves: Used in larger diameter hoses, butterfly valves offer precise flow control and are available with manual or electric actuators.
  • Pressure Relief Valves: These valves protect firefighting equipment from excess pressure, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

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