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Elkhart Brass 2″ Seal Kit


Elkhart Brass manufactures a broad range of valves designed for fire protection systems and firefighting apparatus. These valves play a critical role in controlling water flow and pressure during emergency operations.

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Elkhart Brass 2″ Seal Kit

Elkhart Brass 2″ Seal Kit for 2920Hydro-Loc II Valve.

Kit Includes:
2.0″ Seat (2)
2.0″ Valve Ball (1)
Teflon Washer (1)
All required O-rings

Follow this link for more information on Elkhart Brass Field Service Kits.

An Elkhart Brass 2″ seal kit for the 2920 Hydro-Loc II Valve is a set of replacement seals and components designed specifically for the Elkhart Brass 2920 Hydro-Loc II Valve. The Hydro-Loc II Valve is a 2-inch, quarter-turn, self-locking valve used in firefighting equipment, providing efficient flow control and a secure, leak-free connection. The valve ensures smooth operation and durability in demanding firefighting environments.

Over time, the seals and components in a valve can wear out, causing leaks or reduced performance. The Elkhart 2″ seal kit includes the necessary parts, such as O-rings, gaskets, and other sealing elements, to restore the valve’s original functionality and maintain its performance. By using a seal kit specifically designed for the 2920 Hydro-Loc II Valve, users can ensure that the valve remains reliable, safe, and efficient during firefighting operations. Regular maintenance and replacement of worn components are essential to prolong the valve’s lifespan and keep firefighting equipment in optimal condition.

Elkhart Brass is a leading manufacturer of high-quality firefighting and fire protection equipment. With a long history of expertise and commitment to innovation, the company has developed an extensive range of products designed to meet the demands of firefighting professionals and emergency responders. This article explores the key product categories that Elkhart Brass offers, highlighting the company’s dedication to safety, efficiency, and performance.

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