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Hale Products, founded in 1914, is a well-known manufacturer of firefighting equipment, primarily focused on producing high-quality fire pumps, valves, and other related components. The company has been a major player in the firefighting industry for over a century and has earned a strong reputation for the reliability and performance of its products.

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4″ Swing Check Valve, Composite Kit

A Hale 4″ Swing Check is a type of swing check valve that is specifically designed for use in firefighting systems and water supply applications. The “Hale” refers to the brand that manufactures these valves, and “4 inch” indicates the size of the valve, which is designed to accommodate a 4-inch pipe.

A swing check valve is a type of check valve that allows fluid to flow in one direction only. It has a disc or a hinged flap inside the valve body that swings open when the fluid flows in the correct direction, and then closes when the flow stops or reverses. This helps to prevent backflow, which can cause issues in various systems.

In the context of firefighting and water supply systems, a Hale 4″ Swing Check can be used to ensure that water flows in the intended direction and does not flow back into the water supply or other parts of the system. This is important for maintaining proper pressure, preventing contamination, and ensuring that water is available when needed in emergency situations.

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