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Hale 6″ Suction Screen


Hale Products is a respected and reputable company in the firefighting and emergency services industry. With a century-long history of innovation, dedication to quality, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Hale Products remains a trusted partner for organizations worldwide, seeking reliable and high-performance equipment for their life-saving missions.

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Hale 6″ Suction Screen

A Hale 6″ Suction Screen is a vital component used in firefighting and emergency service applications to protect the fire pump and its associated systems from debris and foreign objects. It is designed to be attached to the end of a 6-inch suction hose or suction tube, which is responsible for drawing water from a water source, such as a hydrant or a static source like a pond, lake, or pool.

The primary function of the Hale 6″ Suction Screen is to filter out debris, rocks, leaves, and other solid particles that could potentially damage the pump or clog the internal components of the firefighting equipment. This ensures that the water being drawn into the fire pump is clean and free of obstructions, allowing for efficient and effective firefighting operations.

The suction screen is typically constructed from durable materials featuring a perforated or mesh design that allows water to flow through while trapping larger debris. The screen is designed to be robust and corrosion-resistant, providing reliable performance in harsh environments and under demanding conditions.

Proper maintenance and inspection of the Hale 6″ Suction Screen, as well as the entire pump system, are crucial for ensuring the reliability and performance of firefighting equipment. The screen should be regularly checked for damage, clogging, or wear, and cleaned or replaced as needed to maintain optimal functionality. Neglecting the maintenance of the suction screen can lead to reduced pump performance, potential equipment damage, and decreased effectiveness during emergency operations.


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