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Hale Products is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality equipment and components for firefighting, emergency services, and related industries. Founded in 1914 by three Pennsylvania entrepreneurs, the company has a long history of innovation and excellence in the field.

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2.5″ BD/BDT/BDS/BS Discharge Valve Repair Kit
Kit Includes:
40-3G62 Seal Rings
40Q-4N75 Seal Rings
40-6N275-50 Seal Ring
46DW “115” Gasket
Square Seal Ring
Square Seal Ring
25BP Valve Seat

A Hale 2.5″ BD/BDT/BDS/BS Discharge Valve Repair Kit is a set of replacement parts and components designed specifically for maintaining and repairing Hale’s 2.5-inch discharge valves. These valves are commonly used in fire apparatus and firefighting equipment for controlling the flow of water or firefighting foam from the fire pump to the hoses and nozzles. The kit provides the necessary parts to service or repair the valve, ensuring its proper functioning and extending its service life.

The kit typically includes components such as gaskets, O-rings, seals, washers, and other parts that are prone to wear or deterioration over time. These components are essential for maintaining the proper operation and sealing of the discharge valve, preventing leaks and ensuring efficient water flow during firefighting operations.

When a discharge valve begins to show signs of wear or malfunction, such as reduced water flow, leakage, or difficulty in operating the valve handle, it may be necessary to service or repair the valve using a repair kit like the Hale 2.5″ BD/BDT/BDS/BS Discharge Valve Repair Kit. Proper maintenance and timely repairs help to ensure the reliability and performance of the firefighting equipment, ultimately contributing to the effectiveness and safety of firefighting operations.

It is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations when servicing or repairing a discharge valve, as improper installation or use of incorrect parts can lead to further issues or even damage the equipment. Additionally, periodic inspection and maintenance of the valves and other firefighting equipment components are essential to ensure their continued optimal performance.


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