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Hale ESP Rotor Vanes


Hale Products is recognized for its comprehensive range of firefighting equipment, which includes fire pumps, valves, foam systems, vehicle electronics, and other related accessories. The company is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art, durable, and dependable solutions to firefighters, ensuring that they have the tools they need to protect lives and property.

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Hale ESP Rotor Vanes

Rotor Vanes for Hale ESP Primer.

1.5″ X 3.0″ X .1875″

Hale ESP Rotor Vanes Rotor Vanes for Hale ESP Primer are specific components used in the primer system of Hale’s ESP (Electric Submersible Pump) series of portable pumps, which are employed in firefighting, industrial, and municipal applications. The primer system plays a crucial role in the operation of a centrifugal pump, as it helps to create a vacuum and remove air from the pump casing and suction hose, allowing the pump to draw water efficiently from a water source.

Rotor vanes in the primer system are part of the vacuum pump assembly. They are mounted on the impeller or rotor, which is a rotating component that generates vacuum force. The rotor vanes help direct air or fluid flow, creating suction and removing air from the pump system.

Over time, rotor vanes may wear out, become damaged, or lose their effectiveness, leading to reduced vacuum generation and impaired pump performance. In such cases, it’s essential to replace the rotor vanes to maintain the proper functioning of the primer system and ensure the safety and efficiency of the firefighting or water pumping equipment.

When selecting replacement rotor vanes for a Hale ESP Primer, it is important to choose parts that are compatible with the specific primer system and pump model in use. This may require consulting the manufacturer’s documentation or seeking advice from a qualified technician. By selecting the correct replacement parts, you can ensure that your primer system continues to operate smoothly and effectively, maintaining the safety and efficiency of your equipment.

Hale Products is a renowned global manufacturer and supplier of firefighting equipment, with a long-standing history of providing innovative, reliable, and high-quality solutions to the fire service industry. Founded in 1914 by three Pennsylvania firefighters, the company initially focused on producing hand-operated fire pumps. Over the years, Hale Products has grown and expanded its product offerings to meet the evolving needs of firefighters around the world.

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