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Hale Mechanical Seal Replacement Kit


Hale Products is a well-established and reputable company that specializes in the design, manufacture, and distribution of equipment and solutions for firefighting and emergency response services.

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Hale Mechanical Seal Replacement Kit

Kit can be used for the following Hale pumps, if originally built with mechanical seal.

QSG, QSMG, QG, QMAX, and QTWO (LG and XG Gear Box)

QMAX and QTWO (LK and XK Gear Box)


If you are not sure if this seal kit is correct for your pump, or want to verify, contact us at (717) 354-8106. Have pump serial number ready.

A Hale Mechanical Seal Replacement Kit is a set of parts and components used to replace the mechanical seal of a centrifugal pump manufactured by Hale Products. The mechanical seal is a critical component of a centrifugal pump that helps prevent fluid leakage from the pump’s casing. Over time, the seal may wear out or become damaged, leading to leaks or pump failure.

The Hale Mechanical Seal Replacement Kit includes all the necessary parts and components to replace the mechanical seal, including the seal assembly, o-rings, gaskets, and other related components. These kits are designed to be compatible with Hale Products’ centrifugal pumps, ensuring a proper fit and reliable operation.

The mechanical seal replacement process typically involves disassembling the pump, removing the old seal, and installing the new seal and related components. It is a crucial maintenance task that helps ensure the pump’s optimal performance and prevent costly downtime due to seal failure.

By offering replacement kits, Hale Products provides a cost-effective solution for customers to replace worn or damaged mechanical seals without the need to purchase a new pump. The kits are easy to install, even for non-experts, and are designed to provide long-lasting performance and reliability.

Some of the key product categories offered by Hale Products include:

  1. Fire Pumps: Hale Products is known for its extensive range of fire pumps, suitable for various applications such as firefighting, dewatering, and industrial use. Their pumps are designed to deliver high performance, reliability, and efficiency in demanding situations. The product line includes portable pumps, vehicle-mounted pumps, and larger pumps for industrial and municipal fire suppression systems.
  2. Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS): These systems are designed to mix foam concentrate, water, and compressed air to produce a powerful firefighting foam solution. Hale Products offers a range of CAFS equipment for different firefighting needs, from portable backpack systems to integrated vehicle-mounted solutions.
  3. Water Valves and Controls: To help manage water flow and pressure during firefighting operations, Hale Products provides a variety of water valves, relief valves, and control systems. These components are designed to ensure efficient and safe operation in high-pressure and high-flow situations.
  4. Monitors and Nozzles: Hale Products manufactures a wide selection of firefighting monitors and nozzles, which are essential for effective fire suppression. Their product range includes handheld nozzles, fixed monitors, and remote-controlled monitors that can be mounted on fire trucks or other equipment.
  5. Vehicle Electronics: Recognizing the increasing importance of technology in emergency response, Hale Products offers a range of electronic components and systems for fire trucks and emergency vehicles. These include warning systems, lighting solutions, and communication equipment, all designed to improve the safety and efficiency of first responders.

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Dimensions 18 × 18 × 7 in


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