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Hale Products has become a leading supplier of fire-fighting equipment worldwide, with a reputation for innovation and reliability. Today, the company is part of the IDEX Fire & Safety division, which includes other well-known brands in the fire and safety industry.

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Hale PG30 Relief Valve Switch and Bracket Assembly

The Hale PG30 Relief Valve Switch is a component of the fire-fighting equipment manufactured by Hale Products. Specifically, it is a switch that is designed to activate the relief valve in a fire truck’s water pump system.

The relief valve is a safety device that is designed to protect the pump from damage caused by excessive pressure. If the pressure in the system exceeds a certain threshold, the relief valve opens, allowing water to escape and reducing the pressure in the system. The Hale PG30 Relief Valve Switch is used to manually activate the relief valve, for example, if the operator of the fire truck detects that the pressure in the system is getting too high.

The switch is typically located on the fire truck’s pump panel, which is the control center for the water pump system. When the switch is activated, it sends an electrical signal to the relief valve, causing it to open and release water from the system. This helps to prevent damage to the pump and other components of the water delivery system.

Overall, the Hale PG30 Relief Valve Switch is an important safety feature in fire trucks that helps to ensure that the water pump system operates safely and efficiently during fire-fighting operations.

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