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Hale Products’ commitment to innovation, quality, and reliability has made them a trusted choice for fire departments and emergency responders worldwide. By continually developing new technologies and solutions, the company strives to enhance the safety and effectiveness of firefighting operations, ultimately protecting lives and property.

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Hale Primer Valve Strainer-ZMQ-329H

A Hale Primer Valve Strainer is a component designed to filter debris and foreign particles from the primer system in a Hale firefighting pump. The primer system plays a critical role in removing air from the pump and its connected hoses, allowing the pump to create a vacuum and draw water from a source during firefighting operations. The strainer is installed in the primer system to protect the primer valve and other components from damage or clogging due to debris, ensuring the proper functioning of the primer system.

The Hale Primer Valve Strainer serves the following purposes:

  1. Protection: It prevents debris, foreign particles, or contaminants from entering the primer valve or other critical components of the primer system, reducing the risk of malfunctions or damage caused by contaminants.
  2. Functionality: By keeping the primer system free from debris, the strainer helps maintain the optimal functioning of the primer system and the overall firefighting pump.

Regular inspection and maintenance of the primer valve strainer, including cleaning or replacing it as needed, are essential to maintain the optimal performance of the primer system and the overall firefighting equipment.

Hale Products is a leading manufacturer of high-quality firefighting equipment and solutions. With a history dating back to 1914, the company has built a strong reputation for designing and producing innovative, reliable, and efficient products for fire departments and emergency responders worldwide. Some of the key product categories that Hale Products offers include:

  1. Fire Pumps: Hale produces a wide range of fire pumps, including portable pumps, vehicle-mounted pumps, and floating pumps. Their pumps are designed to meet various needs and capacities, from smaller, portable models to large-capacity pumps for industrial and municipal use.
  2. Foam Systems: Hale offers foam proportioning systems and foam concentrate pumps to effectively manage and deliver firefighting foam in various situations, from small-scale incidents to large-scale industrial fires.
  3. Valves and Controls: Hale manufactures a variety of valves, such as intake valves, discharge valves, and pressure relief valves, as well as controls like pressure governors and electronic controls. These components play a critical role in regulating pressure and flow within firefighting systems.
  4. CAFS (Compressed Air Foam Systems): Hale’s compressed air foam systems combine water, foam concentrate, and compressed air to produce an effective firefighting foam that can be deployed more efficiently and with greater reach than traditional foam applications.
  5. Water Transfer Solutions: Hale offers products for water transfer and supply, such as hydrant valves, manifolds, and large-diameter hose appliances, ensuring efficient water supply management during firefighting operations.
  6. Pump Parts and Accessories: To support the maintenance and repair of their firefighting equipment, Hale offers a range of replacement parts, repair kits, and accessories designed specifically for their products.
  7. Custom Solutions: Hale can also provide custom-engineered solutions for unique or specific firefighting requirements, tailoring their products to meet the needs of individual clients or specialized applications.

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