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Hale QG Relief Valve


Hale Products’ commitment to innovation, quality, and reliability has made them a trusted choice for fire departments and emergency responders worldwide. By continually developing new technologies and solutions, the company strives to enhance the safety and effectiveness of firefighting operations, ultimately protecting lives and property.

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Hale QG Relief Valve

A Hale QG Relief Valve is a pressure-relief device used in firefighting pump systems to maintain consistent pressure levels and ensure the safety and effectiveness of firefighting operations. The QG relief valve operates by monitoring the discharge pressure of the pump and releasing excess pressure when it surpasses a predetermined setpoint. This prevents pressure spikes and maintains a stable discharge pressure, supporting the performance of firefighting hoses and nozzles.

Here’s a general explanation of how a Hale QG Relief Valve operates:

  1. Pressure setting: The relief valve is set to a desired discharge pressure based on the requirements of the firefighting operation. This setting determines the pressure at which the valve will activate to release excess pressure.
  2. Pressure monitoring: The QG relief valve continuously monitors the discharge pressure of the firefighting pump system. If the pressure remains within the desired range, the relief valve remains closed and does not affect the flow of water.
  3. Pressure release: When the discharge pressure exceeds the predetermined setpoint, the relief valve opens to allow excess pressure to be released through a bypass line, which is usually routed back to the water source or pump intake. This action prevents pressure spikes and ensures that the discharge pressure is maintained at a safe and consistent level.
  4. Valve closure: Once the discharge pressure returns to the desired range, the QG relief valve closes, and the system resumes normal operation.

The Hale QG Relief Valve plays a critical role in maintaining the safety and performance of firefighting pump systems. Regular inspection, maintenance, and replacement of worn or damaged components are essential to ensure the proper functioning of the relief valve and the overall effectiveness of firefighting operations.

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