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Hale Small Magnesium Anode


Hale Small Magnesium Anode-3/8″ NPT

Pump anodes are very important items that protect the fire pump. These components are vital to protecting the pump and cast iron housing from galvanic erosion. Many years ago, they were located in the top covers of steel booster tanks to protect the tanks but also afforded the pumps some protection.

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Hale Products Anode 3/8″

Hale Small Magnesium Anode-3/8″ NPT

Always install anodes on both the suction and the discharge manifolds. One anode is placed in each suction tube, close to the pump and one in the discharge manifold. The trend towards stainless manifolds and valves increases the need for anodes in all pumps. Smaller cast iron pumps such as booster pumps installed with stainless steel manifold systems have a greater tendency towards galvanic corrosion. This can cause leakage in relatively short periods of time depending on local water quality. The cast iron portions of the pump near the bronze clearance rings and / or near the stainless steel connections can experience extremely accelerated wear.

About Hale Products

For more than 100 years, Hale Products has remained committed to reliability, innovation and superior performance. In 1914, three firefighters started Hale Products. They wanted to create a better fire pump. By embracing new technologies and a commitment to their fellow fire and rescue personnel, they succeeded.

At the present time, Hale Products produces far more than fire pumps. Hale has never lost their commitment to unmatched quality and superior performance. Hale Products has grown through new product innovation and strategic acquisitions. Offering firefighting modules, engine controls and governors, valves, pressure gauges, ES-Key multiplexing systems, and a wide range of engine-driven portables.

Being that all of Hale Products are 100% assembled in the United States, Hale Products is a proud partner for fire and rescue crews from all around the world.

Since its acquisition, Hale Products has expanded into a full-spectrum solution for fire and rescue crews around the world. Through strategic global acquisitions Hale became the leader in hydraulic rescue tools, electronics, rescue products and environmental protection products, stabilization struts, jacks and more.

The Hale Small Magnesium Anode protects your fire pump and booster tank from corrosion by attracting damaging elements like minerals and sediment. Coupled with regular routine maintenance and service testing your fire pump will last for years to come.

Pump Testing By Fire Line Equipment

We take the hassle out of required annual fire pump service testing. Whether you come to our facility or we come to your location. Our pump service test and preventative maintenance programs are designed to keep your fire pump in a top operating condition.

Fire Line Equipment tests to the requirements of NFPA 1911. This including the fire pump priming system test. Our testing and maintenance programs help maintain critical pump performance. If your Hale small magnesium anode is in need of replacement, we have them in stock.

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