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MM2 Speaker


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Atkins 12V/25W MM2 Speaker.

Atkinson Dynamics intercoms provide reliable communication with superior sound quality. Each basic intercom is fully
equipped to receive, amplify, and send signals.
A volume control on the face of each unit allows the user to adjust the output level to overcome noisy environments.
A talk/listen switch activates the built-in microphone and defaults to the listen position when released.
The rugged exterior of Atkinson Dynamics intercoms provides protection against the elements in any environment.
The corrosion-resistant cast aluminum housing is carefully sealed to keep the interior free of moisture and dust.
Atkinson intercoms can be installed as two or three-way communication systems. (See back for examples.) Various
systems are available including the standard “master” and “hands-free” system, a remote speaker two-way system,
and other systems utilizing various options including headset and microphone jacks.
Every Atkinson intercom is multi-volt and can work on either 12 or 24-volt systems without any additional parts or
labor for installation. Also, each Atkinson intercom is designed with internal noise filters and circuitry to produce a
clear, quality sound for premium performance.


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