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PAC Ironslok HD Kit


PAC is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality in its products and services. The company employs a robust quality management system, ensuring that its manufacturing processes and products meet and exceed industry standards. Moreover, PAC constantly invests in research and development, enabling it to create new and innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of its customers.

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Pac Trac Ironslok-HD Bracket Kit

The Pac Trac Ironslok-HD Bracket Kit is designed for larger irons, including the PIG Axe and the FIRE MAUL! Positive locking with high strength lock strap.

  • Ironslok components are molded from high quality materials
  • Durable and secure
  • Can be mounted horizontal or vertical

Ironslok HD Drawing

Performance Advantage Company (PAC) is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of versatile and innovative tool-mounting solutions for emergency services, military, and industrial sectors. Established in 1992, the company has grown to become an industry standard for organizations that require high-quality and reliable mounting solutions to improve efficiency, safety, and response times. With its headquarters in Lancaster, New York, PAC continues to expand its reach and product offerings, while maintaining its dedication to customer satisfaction and product excellence.

Mission and Vision

PAC’s mission is to provide its customers with the best possible tool-mounting solutions by consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation and delivering superior quality products. The company’s vision is to become the global leader in mounting solutions, recognized for its commitment to enhancing the safety and productivity of its customers across various industries.

PAC’s product portfolio includes a wide range of tool-mounting systems and accessories, designed to secure and organize tools and equipment in various environments. These products are categorized into three primary segments:

  1. Emergency Services: PAC’s solutions for emergency services include brackets and mounts for firefighting and rescue tools, such as axes, Halligan bars, and hydraulic rescue tools. These mounts ensure that essential tools are readily accessible and secure, reducing response times and increasing safety for first responders.
  2. Military: PAC provides mounting solutions for military applications, including weapons storage and transport systems. These products are designed to withstand harsh environments and ensure that equipment is readily available when needed, contributing to the overall effectiveness and safety of military personnel.
  3. Industrial: PAC’s industrial mounting solutions cater to a wide array of industries, such as manufacturing, construction, and utility services. The company’s offerings in this segment include brackets, mounts, and storage solutions for tools and equipment, designed to improve organization and efficiency in various workspaces.

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