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PAC Pickhead Axe Hanger/Pocket Kit


PAC’s innovative storage solutions have revolutionized the way emergency services store and organize their tools and equipment. By providing easy access to essential tools, PAC’s products help improve response times and ensure that emergency personnel can quickly and effectively handle high-pressure situations.

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PAC Pickhead Axe Hanger/Pocket Kit

The Performance Advantage Company (PAC) Pickhead Axe Hanger/Pocket Kit is a specialized mounting and storage solution designed specifically for holding pickhead axes, which are commonly used by firefighters and emergency personnel. A pickhead axe is a versatile tool featuring a sharp, wedge-shaped blade on one side and a pick on the other side. It is used in various tasks such as forcible entry, breaking down doors, and creating ventilation openings during firefighting operations.

The PAC Pickhead Axe Hanger/Pocket Kit securely holds the pickhead axe in place, ensuring that it remains organized, easily accessible, and ready for use within an emergency vehicle, storage compartment, or on a mounting board. The kit typically includes a hanger bracket or pocket designed to accommodate the pickhead axe and any necessary mounting hardware.

These mounting solutions are made from high-quality materials to ensure durability, reliability, and safety in high-pressure situations. The Pickhead Axe Hanger/Pocket Kit is yet another example of PAC’s commitment to providing efficient and reliable storage solutions for firefighting, law enforcement, and emergency organizations.

By offering a tailored solution for pickhead axe storage, the PAC Pickhead Axe Hanger/Pocket Kit allows emergency services personnel to optimize their tool storage, maximizing space, efficiency, and accessibility, while minimizing the risk of accidents and improving response times.

Mounting Hardware Included:

  • Flat Surfaces
  • Pac Trac

Down Loads:

Performance Advantage Company’s product line includes a wide range of tool mounting brackets, adjustable mounts, specialty storage systems, and more. Some of their flagship products are:

  1. PAC Tool Mounting Brackets: Designed to securely hold tools and equipment, these brackets are made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliability. Available in various sizes and configurations, PAC brackets are compatible with a wide range of tools, making them a popular choice among emergency services.
  2. PAC Adjustable Mounts: These mounts provide a customizable storage solution that can accommodate tools and equipment of different shapes and sizes. The adjustable nature of these mounts ensures that tools are easily accessible and securely held in place, reducing the risk of accidents and improving response times.
  3. PAC Specialty Storage Systems: Designed to meet the specific needs of emergency services, these storage systems are tailored for unique equipment and situations. These systems include hose storage solutions, SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus) storage, and more.
  4. Custom Solutions: PAC also offers custom-designed storage solutions to cater to the unique needs of different organizations. These custom solutions take into account the specific requirements of each department and create storage systems that maximize space, efficiency, and accessibility.

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